A New Hairdryer That Offers a New Hair Drying Experience

The hairdryer—or as some prefer to call it, the blowdryer— has found a permanent home among the hairstyling tools that most women own and use regularly. From its origins as a bonnet style dryer that appeared years ago in beauty salons to the more contemporary pistol-grip type of dryer more commonly used today, the hair dryer is an indispensable styling instrument for quick and versatile hairstyling.

The Smoothwrap Dual Ion Therapy Hairdryer

The earliest pistol-grip type hair dryers were little more than air guns that shot out a blast of air heated by electric coils. The inevitable result was faster drying that often left hair dried out, frizzy, and sometimes damaged. That set engineers on a mission to improve hairdryers so that they enabled women to dry their hair but avoid the frizz and the over drying that occurred after repeated use. What they discovered lead to the development of advanced technology blow dryers that incorporated ceramic components to produce gentle, evenly dispersed heat to help protect hair from heat damage. They found that a diffuser attached at the point where the heated air exits the dryer could also help disperse the hot air gently with less force, leaving hair undisturbed, while preserving natural curls and waves. A  concentrator, which also attaches to the dryer nozzle, helps focus the airflow for pinpoint styling. But another discovery might have had the biggest impact of all—ions!

A woman with frizzy, tangled hair.

The open cuticle is what causes your hair to be frizzy.

Ions: The Plusses and Minuses

So, what is an ion? Without getting overly scientific, an ion is an atom or molecule that is either positively or negatively charged due to the transference of electrons. A positive ion is one that has lost an electron. A negative ion is one that has gained an electron. When you use a hair dryer, your hair becomes charged with positive ions which cause the hair cuticle to open up. The open cuticle is what causes your hair to be frizzy.

The drier your hair is, the more of a positive charge it has and the more frizz you get. That’s why engineers devised a plan to include a negative ion generator in a new line of hairdryers. The infusion of negative ions emitted from the dryer counteracts the positive ions that are naturally in the hair causing the cuticle to close, sealing moisture in the hair shaft and making the frizz go away—most of it, anyway. It is said that negative ions also have the ability to break up water molecules allowing your hair to dry faster.

Woman with the Smoothwrap hairdryer. Dual Ion Therapy to Balance the Natural Charge of Your Hair.

Dual Ion Therapy to Balance the Natural Charge of Your Hair

Over drying using a hair dryer with a negative ion generator causes a saturation of negative ions so that the hair cannot absorb any more, creating an ion imbalance. An imbalance, either negative or positive, makes styling your hair more difficult, and hair that is not as smooth and shiny as it could be.

So, the engineers at InfinitiPro by Conair® did the math and determined that balance is the key to efficient styling and great-looking hair. The solution is an advanced hair dryer that emits both positively and negatively charged ions, enabling hair to reach an equilibrium. The result is hair that’s easier to style, smoother, shinier and, over time, conditioned to feel healthier. Witness the birth of dual ion therapy!

Dual Ion Therapy with the InfinitiPro by Conair® Smoothwrap™ Hairdryer

A new hairdryer is on the cutting edge of advanced hair dryer technology, and it has been clinically tested for the efficacy of its claims. It’s called Smoothwrap™. The InfinitiPro by Conair® team has introduced this innovative dryer to add dual ion therapy to a new line of styling tools. Dual ion therapy is engineered to rebalance the natural charge of your hair, leaving it feeling healthy and conditioned.

Various images of women with differing hair types from curly to straight and fine to thick.

SmoothwrapTM is perfect for any type of hair from fine to thick and from curly to straight.

Treatment for Your Hair

The Smoothwrap™ dryer is designed to reduce frizz, add body and leave hair feeling moisturized and healthier. The dual ion therapy conditions hair over time, improvement that you can feel the more you use the dryer, and with more shine that you can see. The positive and negative ions bring an equilibrium to your hair that gives it volume and body with significantly less frizz. It dries fast and won’t leave your hair looking flat. Your hair will be smooth and shiny. The ceramic technology helps minimize heat damage, the single biggest contributor to unhealthy-looking hair.

Features to Accommodate Any Type of Hair

The Smoothwrap dryer features 3 heat and 2 speed settings making it perfect for any type of hair from fine to thick and from curly to straight. The cool shot button lets you lock your style in place. The removable rear filter makes cleaning the dryer easy which helps extend its performance life. It comes with a concentrator to focus airflow for styling precision, and there’s a diffuser to help create more volume and maintain curls. With the power on, the Smoothwrap™ hair dryer has a blue LED light that indicates that the dual ion therapy is working. Smoothwrap™ has a high-torque DC motor that delivers powerful airflow but is lightweight to use. You get all the benefits of an AC motor without the weight.

The Smoothwrap Hairdryer with close up images of features and buttons.

The InfinitiPro by Conair® Smoothwrap™ Hairdryer Features

Conair, a pioneer in the design and development of hair dryer technology, has engineered a dryer so revolutionary that you’ll have to try it to believe it.  Smoothwrap™ is more than just a hair dryer, it’s a treatment for your hair—a new drying experience that makes hair easier to style and leaves it feeling and looking healthier! Take a closer look at it on the Conair website along with the entire collection of Hair Care styling tools and products for every type of hair. Come visit! We have lots to show you.