Bring on the Boho Braids!

Tousled, free flowing, informal, unconventional and maybe even a little bit messy, Boho Braids are all the rage right now. Tap into that retro, free-spirited look you’ve always wanted to try with some help from the Conair® Double Ceramic line of styling tools. Conair partnered with the ladies from Upstyle to showcase how to create one type of Boho Braid.

Conair double ceramic 1-inch curling wand

How to Do the Basic Boho
  1. Section off a large lock of hair starting a couple of inches back from the top of your forehead. You can create the braid to flow straight down toward the middle of your back or you can have it flow freely to the left or right side of your face.
  2. Starting at the top of the large sectioned off portion, separate three smaller but equal sections of hair.
  3. Begin braiding loosely with the three sections and start adding pieces from the remaining large section from the left and the right as you go. Keep going to about ear level until you run out of pieces to add.
  4. Then finish the braid, extending down to the end of the hair section. Use a small elastic to hold the hair at the ends.
  5. If the braid seems tight and a little too perfect, loosen it up with your fingers. Add a touch of hairspray if you want to keep loose hairs in place.
  6. Now that the braid is done, add some waves and texture to the rest of your hair with a Conair® Double Ceramic styling tool such as the Conair Double Ceramic 1" Curling Iron
Add waves and texture to the rest of your hair with conair double ceramic 1 inch curling  iron
Add waves and texture to the rest of your hair with the Conair® Double Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron

Long and textured hair with basic boho
Long and textured hair with basic boho braid down the middle

Countless Variations

When it comes to creating Boho Braids, there are dozens of variations to try. You can get a little swankier by sectioning off two hair portions, one from each side a few inches above the temples, and braid them together. (as shown in the photo above) You can create one, two, or three braids, wrap them and pin them in many different styles. You can incorporate colored string, ribbon or jewelry into the braiding patterns. You can also dye sections of your hair in different shades and colors, creating interesting contrasts into your braiding pattern.

Variations from the basic boho braid

Left: Two side braids blend into one. Center: Braid with color fabric cord accent. Right: Halo Braid with jewelry accents

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