Discover the Power and Freedom of Cordless Hair Styling

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Cordless hairstyling tools are not new, they’ve been around for a while, but they have been somewhat disappointing. The most common criticisms have been that they just don’t get hot enough, you have to wait a long time for them to heat up, the power runs out too quickly, or they work OK on a small section of hair, but they’re not so great for thick, long hair sections.

Well, if you’ve never tried a cordless hairstyling tool, now might be the best time to consider one because Conair® has taken the technology to a whole new level to develop a collection of high-performance cordless styling tools. The Unbound™ collection is innovative, unique, and opens the door to a new view on styling, free from the limitations of cords. We invite you to be inspired, to experience the freedom of styling anywhere, anytime. We invite you to become Unbound. Read on to discover the power and freedom you can have with the Unbound™ collection of cordless hairstyling tools.

The Advantages of Going Cordless

So, what really are the benefits to having a cordless curling iron or flat iron? Let’s talk first about freedom. A cordless styling tool lets you style anywhere, anytime. You can be in any room of your home untethered from an electrical outlet. No extension cord needed to reach that plug behind the dresser on the other side of the room. Having no cord lets you handle the styler in the most comfortable and convenient way that works for you. You can switch hands quickly without having to spin around to reposition the cord. You can put the styler down onto your vanity or dresser with no concern that the weight of the cord or someone tripping over the cord will pull the appliance onto the floor.

When it comes to storage, there’s no cord to coil up and stuff into a drawer. Your cabinet, vanity or dresser top remains neat, tidy and less cluttered. Cordless stylers pack neatly into your handbag, a carry-all for the gym or in a suitcase for travel. Now you can style your hair any place life takes you any time of the day or night.

Woman using the Unbound Auto Styler. Style anywhere, anytime.

Do Cordless Stylers Get Hot Enough to Do the Job?

That’s been one of the major complaints about cordless hair stylers—until now. The Unbound™ collection uses high-performance lithium ion batteries that are capable of heating the stylers up to 400°F, which is plenty hot even for thick, coarse hair. Depending on the type of hair you have, you’ll always want to use the lowest temperature setting that will enable you to get the results you want. Lower temperatures work well for fine hair. Normal to thicker hair types might require higher temperatures. The goal is to minimize the chance of damaging your hair with temperatures that are unnecessarily high.

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The Unbound™ styling tools charge up with a simple USB connection.

The batteries in the Unbound™ stylers are recharged using a USB connection. That means you can plug it into any electronic device that has a USB port such as a computer, a TV or cable modem and many clock radios that you find in hotel rooms. Many electrical voltage adapters designed for international travel have USB ports which means you don’t have to worry about using an Unbound™ styler when you travel to foreign countries with different source voltages. Even newer cars feature USB ports for charging phones and other devices, so you can charge up on the road and be ready to style at your destination.

Another special feature of the Unbound™ collection is that they heat up fast! All four of the stylers reach the peak operating temperature in 60 seconds or less.

Do Cordless Stylers Run Long Enough to Get the Job Done?

Most often when we are styling our hair, we’re in a bit of a rush. However, what could be worse than a cordless styler that runs out of juice before the job is finished?  The Unbound™ stylers are designed to give you plenty of time to get the style you want in a reasonable amount of time.

Runtime varies for the different stylers (see the individual product descriptions that follow) and depends on the temperature you set for use. The Unbound™ Auto Curler can go for up to an hour—plenty for the average stylist to achieve the look that’s desired. At maximum temperatures, the curling iron, flat iron and 2-in1 styler can give you up to 25 minutes of styling time.

If it takes you much longer than 20 minutes to a half-hour to style your hair, you might be spending too much time exposing your hair to high heat. The goal is to get the style you want with as little risk of damage to your locks as possible. The Unbound™ stylers pack enough power to get the job done.

The lithium ion batteries can last a long time and operate effectively through many recharging cycles. The first time you charge the batteries takes the longest—approximately 3 hours. The Auto Curler has two batteries and requires about 4.5 hours for a first-time charge. Recharging to full capacity after use will go quicker. Keep in mind that cordless stylers are not waterproof. They can be damaged if submerged in water. And always be sure to dispose of damaged or expired lithium ion batteries properly. Many Best Buy® stores offer a used battery collection service.

Unbound™ – A New Collection of Cordless Styling Tools

The Unbound collection of cordless styling tools. Beauty in Motion

It’s time for you to meet the Unbound™ styling tools up close. This family of cordless stylers consists of a curling iron, flat iron, a 2-in-1 styler that combines the features of a curling iron and flat iron, and an innovative auto curler that might surprise you.

The Unbound™ Cordless Auto Curler

Have you ever tried an auto curler? They’re pretty cool because you need no special skill to get the perfect curl every time. Basically, you start with a ½- to 1-inch section of hair. You insert the section of hair into the curl chamber slot at the top of the styler, at the point where you would like the curl to start. Then, press and hold the button to automatically feed the hair in. Wait for the beep, then release the button and pull the auto curler down to reveal the perfect curl.

The Unbound™ Cordless Auto Curler has a ceramic curl chamber for even heat distribution. It has 3 temperature and 4 timer settings for all different hair types with a maximum 400°F for thicker, coarse hair. By varying time and temperature, you can get a variety of different curl types from tight curls to loose waves. You can create curls that wind to the left, to the right, or alternate directions.

The Auto Curler has a digital display that indicates power-on and shows you the battery level, temperature, timer and the curl direction setting. The two lithium ion batteries require 4.5 hours for a first-time full charge. Recharging after use will go quicker. The styler will operate for 60 minutes at the max temperature setting. Heat-up time is a quick 60 seconds. And, like the other stylers in the collection, it comes with a 3-foot USB charging cable and a heat-resistant, drawstring storage pouch. Conair has taken cordless auto-curler technology to new heights. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

The Unbound Auto Curler with a close up of the LCD display.

The Unbound™ Cordless Curling Iron

Introducing the first high-performance, cordless curling iron that features a 1-inch titanium curling barrel and clip. It has 4 temperature settings and runs for 25 minutes at the maximum setting. The lithium ion battery requires 3 hours for a full, first-time charge. Recharging after use will take less time. The styler has an LED power-on indicator and comes with a 3-foot USB charging cable and a heat-resistant, drawstring storage pouch.

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The Unbound™ Cordless Flat Iron

Much like the curling iron, this Unbound™ Cordless Flat Iron is the first high-performance cordless flat iron that gives you a high 400°F of styling power when you need it. It also features 4 temperature settings to accommodate all different hair types and runs for 25 minutes at the maximum setting. A full first-time charge takes about 3 hours. Recharging after use will go quicker. The styler has an LED power-on indicator and comes with a 3-foot USB charging cable and a drawstring storage pouch.

The Unbound™ Cordless Flat Iron

The Unbound™ Cordless 2-in-1 Styler

High performance is what the Unbound™ styling tool collection is all about and this 2-in-1 Styler is no exception. This styler combines the features of a curling iron and a flat iron. It features 1-inch titanium plates and a titanium outer barrel. Its operating features stand toe-to-toe with the individual curling iron and flat iron. Four temperature settings accommodate all different hair types, and it has 25 minutes of runtime at the maximum setting. The styler has an LED power-on indicator and comes with a 3-foot USB charging cable and a drawstring storage pouch. The lithium ion battery requires 3 hours for a first-time full charge. Recharging after use will go quicker.  It’s the perfect choice for someone who likes to try different styles—curls, waves and straight—for different occasions.

The Unbound™ 2-in-1 Styler

Say goodbye to cords!

Conair has set beauty in motion with the Unbound™ collection of cordless styling tools. Now you can have the freedom of untethered styling with the high-performance power you want, to get the styles you desire. Take a look at them at the website and say goodbye to cords forever!