Fighting Frizzy Hair Together
with Frizz Defense®

Taming the Wild Beast

Are you in the fight, or have you given up in frustration? Except for those with very oily hair, frizzy hair is as common among women as the sniffles. In a 2019 Study of Women’s Hair Styling Appliances conducted by Multi-Sponsor Surveys Inc., 45% of women surveyed (ages 18 to 34) admit to having a problem with frizzy hair.1 Frizz is most often at the core of everyone’s bad hair days, and we all have those. So, you are not alone! If you would like some help in the battle to tame this wild beast known as frizzy hair, take a few minutes and read on. We’ll tell you what causes it and we’ll show you a brand-new solution. Have you heard the phrase; the best offense is a fierce defense? Well, let us introduce you to Frizz Defense® only at ULTA® and let’s start fighting frizz together!

Attractive young woman with very frizzy hair and surprised look on her face.

What Causes Frizzy Hair? Ions!

This might come as no surprise, but frizzy hair can be caused by different combinations of dryness and excess humidity. The outer layer of each hair strand, called the cuticle, is made up of overlapping protein scales, kind of like the skin on a fish. When the scales are lying flat along the hair shaft, the appearance of your hair will be smooth and shiny. But, when the hair becomes dry and aggravated by weather conditions and improper brushing, the scales begin to lift or rise up, creating that frizzy look we are trying to avoid. When enough moisture is added, the scales begin to lie flat to hold that moisture inside the hair shaft at the cortex layer.

Left image shows magnified frizzy hair folicle, Right image shows magnified healthy hair folicle.
Left: Hair cuticle scales raised up. Right: Healthy hair cuticle scales lying flat.

So, what gives dry hair that frizzy look? The quick answer is… static electricity, an imbalance of electrical charge at the atomic level. Atoms are made up of three subatomic particles: the positive protons, the negative electrons and the neutral neutrons. (It’s kind of like a bad political argument around the dinner table on Thanksgiving.) The imbalance is created by a transfer of electrons from one atom to another.  An atom that has gained or lost electrons is called an ion, and it’s these ions that can cause and cure the frizzy hair problem.

Positive Ions and Humidity are Partners in Crime

Conventional hair dryers emit positively charged ions that, when added to the already positively charged ions in wet hair, cause the scales in the hair cuticle to lift up and release existing moisture. That’s what creates those frizzy flyaways. On a humid day, a slightly different process adds to the problem. When dry hair with lifted cuticle scales encounters the rush of humidity, the dry hair will start absorbing this moisture very quickly, causing the proteins in the center layer of your hair to bulk up. This results in the outer cuticle layer of the hair bulging, which leads to twisting and bending of the entire shaft. In other words, curls start to form.

Negative Ions to the Rescue

The solution is to add negative ions to get things back in balance. Hair dryers and styling tools that feature ion generators, and other technologies, are designed expressly for this purpose. The negative ions produced by the generator will combine with the positively charged ions to neutralize the charge. The negative ions cause the cuticle scales to relax, sealing in moisture and producing a smoother surface with more shine.

Defend Yourself with Frizz Defense®

Time for a little lesson in self-defense! How to get rid of frizzy hair—that’s our objective. If you go online to search for an answer, you’ll discover lots of recommendations touting the best products for frizzy hair. You’ll find all types of shampoos, conditioners, serums and treatments that feature everything from coconut and olive oil to highly complex chemical formulas that promise to leave your hair frizz free.

You’ll also find dozens of home remedies, such as eggs, butter, avocado, and beer that you massage into your hair. The primary goal for most of these preparations is to add oils with vitamins and minerals that will compel your hair to lay flat. The problem is that it’s difficult to create volume with oily hair, and it’s not clear that any of these products deal with the real problem—the positive electrical charge or static electricity that makes the scales on the hair cuticle rise, creating the frizz.

Illustration of four beautiful women of different races and hair types.

There’s plenty of good advice online that can help—tips such as don’t shampoo every day, don’t overdry with high heat, and don’t brush too vigorously. In fact, all of these can make the frizz problem worse. And we’re still faced with the underlying issue: lost moisture inside the hair shaft due to an aggravated hair cuticle layer.

Styling Tools Designed with Technology to Fight Frizz

Here’s the great news for frizz fighters! Introducing the Frizz Defense® line of styling tools only at ULTA®, featuring an 1875-watt hair dryer, hot air brush, curling iron and flat/straightening iron. Each styler in the collection harnesses our most powerful technologies available, to triumph over one of the biggest hairstyling battles—frizz!

All of the Frizz Defense styling tools have a powerful negative ion generator to balance the positive electrical charge in hair and relax the scales in the hair cuticle. When the scales lie flat along the hair shaft, interior moisture is retained, creating a smooth, shiny surface.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

Frizz Defense styling tools also use advanced coating technologies such as tourmaline ceramic. Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone that when heated produces a gentle infrared heat that penetrates the hair follicles, thyereby sealing in the moisture and preventing damage to the hair. When heated, tourmaline also produces the negative ions that help relax the hair cuticle. With tourmaline, you get a kinder, gentler drying experience as compared to styling tools that don’t use tourmaline ceramic coatings.

Titanium Ceramic Technology

Titanium is a strong metal that is lighter than steel. It is the smoothest metal surface available for use in styling tools. It holds a high temperature longer and distributes heat evenly over the styling surface of the tool. That means no hot spots that can damage hair and quicker results compared to styling tools that don’t use titanium ceramic coatings.

Meet the Frizz Defense Team

The new line of Frizz Defense® styling tools is designed with diversity in mind, because after all, frizz does not discriminate. Every type of hair, every thickness, and every color is susceptible to flyaways. That’s why Frizz Defense can help tame frizzy hair for just about everyone,  whether you have coarse or fine hair, curly or straight hair, thick or thin hair.. So, if you’re looking for frizzy hair solutions, check out this team of new, innovative stylers, starting with the team captain, the hair dryer.

Frizz Defense® 1875-Watt AC Motor Dryer (Model 800)

The Frizz Defense 1875-Watt blow dryer has a professional AC motor for quicker drying, and a tourmaline ceramic-coated grille for even heat distribution. The powerful, frizz-busting ion generator delivers 50% more ions than conventional hair dryers that use natural ion sources. It has three heat and two speed settings for custom styling control, and a Cold Shot button to lock in your style. It comes with two concentrators for pinpoint airflow, and a diffuser for building volume. The extra-long, 8-foot cord gives you freedom to move, and the removable rear filter is easy to clean and helps extend the life of your dryer. You get gentle drying with less risk of damage to your hair as compared to hair dryers that don’t use tourmaline ceramic coatings. And best of all, you get less frizz! Click on the image above for more details and pictures.

Frizz Defense® 1¼” Curling Iron (Model CD851)

Did you ever try to create a beautiful curl with a curling iron, only to find hair strands flying off in their own direction and refusing to cooperate with the curl? Well, imagine a curling iron that eliminates the frizz as it curls. That’s what you’ll discover with the Frizz Defense 1¼” Curling Iron. This static-free styling tool features a titanium barrel for smooth definition and shiny curls. The powerful ion generator does the trick delivering frizz-busting negative ions as you curl. You get eleven heat settings from gentle temperatures to a strong 400°F, using a true ceramic heater to accommodate all different hair types. You get beautiful, defined curls and a frizz-free finish with less damage when compared to styling tools that don’t use titanium coatings. For more details and pictures, click on the image above.

Frizz Defense® 1½” Hot Air Brush (Model BC850)

Trendy waves and flips can be a challenge when static electricity turns the process into a wrestling match. The Frizz Defense 1½” Titanium Ceramic Hot Air Brush features a titanium ceramic barrel for even heat distribution, two heat settings and a Cool Shot button to lock in the style. The brush head has ball-tipped, nylon bristles for easy control and comfort. The powerful ion generator flattens and smoothes the hair cuticles as you brush, leaving your hair frizz free and shiny, with less damage as compared to hot brushes that don’t use titanium ceramic. You get voluminous style with great shine and smoothness without the frizz. To see more, click on the image above for details and pictures.

Frizz Defense® 1

Frizz Defense 1” Flat Iron (CS850)

Most often it’s the curling iron and the flat iron that put you at the greatest risk for damaging your hair in the styling process. Our new Frizz Defense 1” Flat Iron was designed to be gentle as it defends against frizz. The keys to your success are the extra-long titanium plates for a smooth glide, and the powerful ion generator that helps flatten and smooth the hair cuticle to neutralize the frizz. You get 11 heat settings for all types of hair, from gentle temperatures to a high 455°F for thicker, stubborn hair, and it heats up fast. Dial in the temperature that works best for you and that offers the lowest risk of damage to your hair. Let the ion generator do its magic and style away with less frizz. Just click on the image above for more details and pictures.

If you think you're ready to tame that wild beast know as frizzy hair, jump on over to Frizz Defense® only at ULTA® and take control over your toughest styling challenge.

1Multi-Sponsor Surverys Inc. 2019 Study of Women's Hair Styling Appliances