How to Use Conair® Bun-2-Done® Styling Wands

Better Buns Start Here

It’s undeniable that buns are on-trend, whether they’re big, small, on the side, high, low, double, messy, and more! Conair’s multitasking styler, Bun-2-Done®, makes it easy to create your perfect bun, then unfurl it for a head full of glorious curls or waves.

The styling tool contains 6 flexible wands – four 7¼" and two 7" that heat up inside the container. To get started, remove the lid so it doesn't fog up and just plug it in. While the wands are heating up (about 5-8 minutes), consider your options. There are lots of ways to style with buns! 

  • Step by Step

    Make sure hair is dry or slightly damp, not wet. Brush or comb hair up. Put the wand in the middle of your hair section and wrap it along the length of the wand, to make sure your hair will be heated evenly.

  • You can either roll hair over and clasp underneath (as shown at left), or roll it under and clasp above. It’s totally up to you! The wand clasps by pushing the ends together, locking it in place. Tip: To make things a little easier, gather your hair into an elastic before you roll.
    The wand clasps with a simple push snaping it in place.
  • Next, fan your hair around the wand, making sure to completely cover it. Bun-2-Done® comes in blonde and brunette shades to help keep it incognito! Leave the wand(s) in place for a minimum of 15 minutes for loose waves, or wear all day for work and then take out to play!
  • When you’re ready to take your bun(s) down, gently pull the ends of the wands apart and release hair for natural, beachy waves. Remember, the style will vary depending on how long your hair is up in the bun, as well as your hair type and texture.
  • For two space buns, part hair in the middle and follow the same steps. It’s just that simple!
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