How to Use InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gentle Curls Steam Rollers

Steam rollers are on a hot streak, thanks to the latest innovation in hot rollers from Conair. Equipped with 12 rollers and designed to heat four at a time, InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gentle Curls Steam Rollers steam and condition as you curl. Instead of waiting to heat each curler individually, you’re ready to roll with four hot rollers at once for faster curls and volume that lasts.

As we explored in “Hot and Steamy: Our Forever Love Affair with Hair Rollers,” style-savvy people for generations have loved the iconic and diversified curly and wavy styles that hair rollers have made possible throughout their evolution. So what are the best hot rollers for you? Knowing the answer, and how to use hot hair rollers, is vital whether you want tightly defined, cascading curls, loose, luxurious waves, or a style somewhere between the two.

Conair Hot Rollers: Right for You, Easy to Use

Hot curlers have become more sophisticated yet easier than ever to use. These next-generation hot rollers from Conair provide gentle curling action with steam, which eliminates exposure to the damage of dry heat. Perfect for all hair types, these steam rollers put you on a hot streak of salon-caliber curls and waves.

As the only steam setter of its kind to heat up to four rollers at once, InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gentle Curls Steam Rollers are designed for complete ease and convenience. Here’s how to use them in 4 easy steps:

  • Prep: Remove steamer top, fill the reservoir with distilled water to the water level line, and replace top. If water appears above the Max Fill line, no worries—when the top is put back on, it causes the water to rise.
  • Heat: Plug in the steamer and insert the four rollers in the holes on the top. Steam will appear in about 90 seconds, signaling that the hot rollers are ready to use. To ensure they don’t become too hot to touch and develop an excess dampness that would weaken the curling, don’t steam them for more than 3 minutes.
  • Curl: Place a section of your hair evenly around a roller and roll upward toward the scalp, snapping the roller shield into place. The tighter you wrap hair around the roller, the tighter and bouncier the curl. To make uniform curls, be sure the sections you roll are of equal sizes. For longer and thicker hair, use a smaller section of hair on each roller. For shorter and thinner hair, roll a larger section.
  • Unroll: Once the roller has cooled, in about 10 minutes, gently take off the shield and rotate the roller downward in a dropping motion. The motion should be smooth and free of any tugging or pulling. To loosen curls, separate them with your fingers. To add volume, flip hair over and separate at the roots.

    When done, be sure to unplug the steam setter and let it cool before taking the top off and emptying any remaining water.
  • Hot Tips: Creating Different Looks with Conair Hot Rollers

    How you roll is a matter of personal preference and style, in hair curling and in life. To explore different looks, wrap ends first, or start from the middle and wrap ends last. Rolling hair flat instead of twisted is another way to create distinct styles.

    To maximize results, use one or two rollers on the top front layer of your hair, and the remaining rollers on the sides and back of your head. Make sure hair is rolled under in equal sections, toward your neck. Once they’ve cooled, remove the rollers, let hair cool for a minute, then style according to your preference and personality.

    With a little experimentation and ingenuity, you’ll find that InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gentle Curls Steam Rollers give you the flexibility to find the look that’s right for you, from wow-worthy waves to cute, curly ringlets. Find out where you can buy them or buy now!