How to Use the Conair Spin Air Brush

Use the rotating brush action to pump up the volume or turn it off for a sleeker look. Whatever way you spin it, the end result is gorgeous, smooth, silky hair.

  • Start with damp hair.

    For best results, start with damp, nearly dry hair. Comb and detangle hair.

  • Create sections.

    Separate into manageable sections.

  • Turn appliance on.

    Turn the appliance on and select the correct heat setting for your hair type.

  • Create volume.

    Place the brush into the hair, close to the roots. Pull the brush down through the hair towards the ends, and as you reach the end of each section, start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate rotate button.

  • Repeat.

    for even more volume, allow the brush to rotate, winding the entire section of hair around the barrel. Release the rotate button and then leave the brush in the hair for a few seconds. Use cool style setting to set style.