How to Use the Quick Twist® from Conair® for Trendy Hairstyles

The Quick Twist from Conair is an innovative hairstyling tool that helps you create twisty braids easily and quickly. Quick Twist braids can hang freely or be combined with an assortment of colorful accessories into a variety of fun and unique styles. Read on to find out how it works and check out our photo gallery here and on Instagram to get some ideas for the kinds of exciting styles you can create with a Quick Twist available only from Conair.

Here’s How It Works

  • CLASP IT!  Take a 2-inch section of hair and divide it in half – use less hair if you would like a tighter twisty braid. Comb through the hair strand to remove any tangles or flyaways. Push up the button on the left side of the Quick Twist to raise the hair clasp. Insert the end of the hair strand under the clasp as shown in the photo and release the button. Repeat on the right side of the Quick Twist with the other separated hair strand, or use a color fabric-accessory cord instead of the hair strand as shown in Step 3.

  • TWIST IT!  Pull the hair strands taut, away from the head. Slide the On button up and watch as the hair twists start to form. Make sure to hold your hair taut and let the twists go all the way up to your hair roots. If you think your hair is becoming tangled or stuck, turn off the styler and push the buttons to release hair from the clasps. Brush the hair free of tangles and try again.

  • SPIN IT and CLIP IT!  Hand-rotate the styler counter-clockwise (in the direction of the arrow on the styler) so your 2 twists cross over each other creating a braid. You can make the twisty braid loose or tight – it's up to you! Once braided, pinch the end of the braid, remove the ends from the hair clasps and secure it with a mini Scünci® anti-slip elastic or with a hair clip that comes in the styler package. (The image at left shows a hair partition braided with a color fabric-accessory cord.)

  • Accessory Packs

    Add a touch of glitz, glamour and sparkle with a Quick Twist Accessory Pack. Beautiful rainbow ribbons, bows, pearls, sequins and bright colored elastics come in a selection of 3 different accessory packs. (For details, click on the image below, then select Hair Care.)

     Quicktwist Accessory Packs

    InfinitiPRO by Conair® Quick Twist Accessory Packs

    Twisty Ideas and Photo Gallery

    Take a look at some of the fabulous styles you can create with the Quick Twist® from Conair®.

  • Twisty Glamour Bun

    1. Brush hair to remove any tangles
    2. Part hair naturally
    3. Gather a 2-inch section near your face on each side
    4. Quick Twist each section
    5. Gently pull twisty braids back into a low bun at the nape of your neck
  • Triple-Stranded Princess Crown

    1. Brush hair to remove any tangles
    2. Gather a 2- or 3-inch section of hair near hairline on each side of head
    3. Divide each section on the left and right sides into 3 smaller sections
    4. Evenly divide one small section at a time into two parts, and use Quick Twist to create 6 twisty braids
    5. Take braids from left and right sides and secure with an elastic at the center back of head
    6. Option: Let twisty braids fall freely or twist together to create an even more glamorous princess look
  • Playful Pigtails

    1. Brush hair to remove any tangles
    2. Part hair in center of head
    3. Section top half of hair (from crown to roots) and pin to top of head
    4. Tie the rest of your hair into a bun
    5. Take small sections from hair you pinned up and Quick Twist the number of twisty braids desired – we recommend 4-6
    6. Release bun and divide hair in half – including twisty braids – and secure each side with a hair elastic
  • Twisty Hair Headband

    1. Ideal for long hair
    2. Brush hair to remove any tangles
    3. Take a 4-inch square section of hair from behind one or both ears
    4. Divide each square into two; then divide each section in half again and Quick Twist
    5. You can attach a silky thread to the roots of hair and gently wrap it around twisty braid from roots to end, securing it with a mini elastic
    6. Bring twisty braid(s) across top of head to opposite side and secure with bobby pins behind ear to create headband
    7. Randomly position bobby pins throughout twisty braid headband as needed to hold in place
  • Ribbon-Accented Twisty Braids

    1. Brush hair to remove any tangles
    2. Take a 1-inch section of hair from wherever you like
    3. Attach a ribbon/thread at roots of section using a hair clip from your Quick Twist bonus accessories
    4. Quick Twist the hair and the ribbon together
    5. Repeat as needed
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  • FAQs


    What is the recommended age for using Quick Twist?

    An adult should be nearby to supervise kids under 12, and we suggest no one under 6 use Quick Twist, as the accessories can present a choking hazard.


    How do I prep my hair before using the Quick Twist?

    Wet or dry, make sure hair is combed through and free of tangles.


    How much hair can the hair clasps hold?

    The hair clasps hold about a 1- to ¼-inch strand of hair. The smaller the section, the tighter the twisty braid. 


    When inserting my hair, do I start at the top, in the middle or at the bottom of the hair strand?

    Place the bottom of the section of hair into the Quick Twist hair clasp to begin.


    Do I have to turn the Quick Twist in the direction the arrow indicates to twist the 2 strands together?

    Yes. If you turn it in the other direction, you will untwist the strands!


    I have curly or textured hair. Is Quick Twist a good styling option for me?

    Absolutely! Quick Twist creates the perfect twisty braid on any hair type or texture, one after another.


    Can I use this product with wet hair?

    Yes, product can be used with wet or dry hair. Use with wet hair and let twists dry to create beachy waves.


    Do you recommend a minimum hair length to use Quick Twist?

    For best results, hair should be at least chin length.


    Does this product require batteries?

    Yes, 2 AA alkaline batteries are required for use.