How to Use the Unbound® Cordless Auto Curler from Conair®

Get gorgeous curls and waves on the go. Kiss cords goodbye and embrace the anytime, anywhere convenience of the Unbound® Auto Curler. So easy, it gives you the look you love in a few simple steps. Don’t let cords tie you down. Live Unbound. And, check out the Unbound website for details on the complete collection of cordless styling tools.


    Charge your curler with the USB cord fully overnight before first use. Unplug and be unbound!
    PS: Charging to full capacity after first time use will take less time. Charging time will vary depending on USB adapter and power source.

    • Press ON for 2 seconds, then press it again for temperature (300°, 360°, or 400°) curl direction (left or right), and time (6, 8, 10, or 12 seconds).
    • Press SETTING to select an option for each.
    • Select L (left) curl direction to curl right side of your head, R (right) to curl left side of your head, or mix them up.
    • Wait for the heat icon to stop flashing (you’ll hear 2 beeps).
    • In-use time will vary depending on heat/timer settings selected, as well as hair type.

    Now that the curl chamber has heated up, place a ½-inch section of clean, dry, tangle-free hair into it. For very long hair, it is recomended to section off less than ½-inch sections. 


    Press and hold START button to draw hair into the chamber. Continue to hold the button while you hear a succession of slow beeps corresponding to the timer setting you’ve selected.


    When you hear 2 quick beeps, let go of the button and pull the auto curler down to release a perfectly formed curl. Let curl cool to set. Repeat the steps above for a head full of flowing curls.

    Quick Tip for Curl Control

    Curl Control - For loose curls use low heat. For tight curls use higer heat.

    Quick Tip for a Varied Look

    Quick tips for a varied look. For tousled look, use fingers. For Polished look, use a comb. For a glamourous look, use a brush.