In Search of the Best Hair-Dryer Brush

When it comes to drying your hair, you probably have a routine that you’ve been using for a very long time. It could be that you grab your blow-dryer in one hand, a hairbrush in the other and hop to it. Perhaps you simply let your hair air-dry naturally with occasional brushstrokes to help expose underlying layers. Well, there’s another method that you might not have tried. The hair-dryer brush has been around for a while, but the technology has advanced to a place where this styling tool has attracted a whole new group of fans.

A dryer brush lets you dry and style at the same time, and you only need one hand to use it. If you love your hair dryer, we’re not asking you to give it up. It’s just that a dryer brush is a very nice option to have when you’re in a rush or when you don’t feel like struggling with a dryer in one hand and a brush in the other. You might even become a dryer-brush convert. Read on to discover what this versatile styler has to offer.

Choosing a Hair-Dryer Brush

There are lots of dryer brushes on the market today. A simple search online will reveal a wide selection of these stylers from a variety of top brands with one or two becoming very popular. The engineers at Conair knew that they could take dryer-brush technology a step further, and developed the InfinitiPRO by Conair® All-In-One Hair-Dryer Brush with Knot Dr.® detangling technology. If you compare the new InfinitiPRO dryer brush with the most popular dryer brushes on the market, a strong argument can be made that Conair has boosted hair-dryer brush technology to a higher level with added features and a price point that makes it a more appealing choice.

Knot Dr. Hair Dryer-Brush

InfinitiPRO by Conair® All-In-One Hair-Dryer Brush with Knot Dr.® Detangling Technology

A Close-Up Look at The Knot Dr.®

One of the most exciting features of The Knot Dr.® dryer brush are the Flexalite™ nylon bristles with epoxy tips that help detangle your hair painlessly. They’re more effective at detangling than boar, horse, or goat hair bristles commonly used in hairbrushes. The Flexalite™ bristles are smooth and slippery. They provide an easy glide through tangled hair, and are spaced just the right way for painless detangling. The spherical epoxy tips prevent the Flexalite™ bristles from scratching and irritating the scalp.

The Knot Dr.® story begins with a hairstylist and upscale salon owner named John Laverock. John is also the father of 5 daughters with long hair, so tangles were always a stressful and time-consuming problem in the mornings while getting ready for school. “As a stylist, my goal was to create a brush that would save time, while offering a gentle, pain-free detangling experience. At the same time, I wanted to create a brush that my girls would love to use,” says John. He combined principles of engineering with advanced materials that would remove knots and tangles easily, with little discomfort and no broken hair strands. Conair engineers concluded that John’s brush design would be perfect for their new All-In-One Dryer Brush.

Flexalite® bristles with spherical epoxy tips combined with nylon bristles for easy glide through tangled hair.

Another key feature of The Knot Dr.® hair-dryer brush is the removable brush head. With the brush head removed, you can use the styler as a regular blow-dryer to remove excess moisture before you begin styling. The Knot Dr.® also comes with a special volumizing pik attachment that lets you lift your hair from the scalp as you dry near the roots.

Blow-dry with the brush head removed or use the volumizing pik attachment.

Power, Versatility and a Great Price

The Knot Dr.® dryer brush offers additional features that many of its competitors just don’t have. A true cool shot button lets you lock in your style once you have it the way you want it. The cooler temperature causes the hair strands to hold their shape after styling, whether straight or wavy. The styler also has 3 heat settings to accommodate all types of hair, from fine to thick, and runs on 1000 watts of power for quick drying and styling. Plus, the new Knot Dr.® styling tools have an extra-long, 8-foot swivel cord for more convenient styling freedom.

3 heat settings for all types of hair and a true cool shot button.

When you compare prices, you’re in for a surprise. The Knot Dr.® dryer brush is on average more affordable than other popular dryer-brush stylers on the market.

How to Use a Dryer Brush

Follow these steps to dry and style your hair using a dryer brush. With a little practice, you’ll be able to complete your styling routine quickly.

Step 1. If you’re coming straight out of the shower and your hair is soaked, towel-dry it first to get as much water out as you can. Now, your hair is still probably too wet to start styling, so it’s best to use a blow-dryer until your hair is damp dry—about 60% dry. That’s what’s so great about The Knot Dr.® Hair-Dryer Brush. You can use it with no attachments, like a regular blow dryer.

Step 2. Run a wide-tooth comb through your damp hair to get it all hanging straight down from your scalp. Then section your hair, gathering up the upper half and secure it on top of your head with a scrunchie or clip. Leave the lower back and side sections hanging loose.

Step 3. Snap on the brush attachment and turn the dryer brush on. Separate and gather a part of the loose hair and place the dryer brush underneath at the base of the strands, close to the scalp. Let it sit there for a few seconds so the heat can penetrate the hair at the roots. Then, pull the brush away from the scalp and run it down the length of the hair section. For some added wave or curl, twist your wrist and roll the hair on the brush as you approach the end of the section wrapping it around the brush head. Wrap as much as you want, depending on how much wave or curl you want to create. Pause for about 10 seconds to let the heat penetrate the hair and set the shape. Slowly unwrap and glide down to the end of the hair section. Repeat until all of this layer is dried and styled.

Step 4. From the hair that is tied on top of your head, take down another section and let it hang loose. Do the same process described in step 3 until all the hair is dried and styled. The final section on the top-front of your head might need a little extra attention. Pull it forward in front of your face and dry it in sections that the brush can handle. Then, pull it back or to the side to position it the way you like it. Finish with a hairspray or shine mist to help hold the style in place.

Compare for Yourself!

Extensive, dedicated research by the engineers at InfinitiPRO by Conair® has produced an advanced hair-dryer brush that can challenge any comparable styler on the market. Just compare them feature by feature. You’ll find The Knot Dr.® dryer brush a very attractive choice.

Take a look at the entire line of InfinitiPRO by Conair® hairstyling products on the Conair website. Stop by soon, we have a lot to show you!