Styling Tools and Tips for Thick Hair and Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles as diverse as the women we love.

So you’ve kicked chemical straighteners, relaxers and texturizers to the curb, and decided to go down the open road of letting your hair grow out naturally. While it can be liberating to leave the trouble and damage of chemical treatments and perms behind (the “relaxed” hair routine isn’t exactly relaxing), natural hairstyles and thick hair can still be a challenge, and you may be in for a bumpy ride unless you follow a few key guidelines.

Some say that despite the risk of damage from the chemicals in hair relaxers, such treatments offer the advantage of making hairstyles for women with thick hair easier to maintain. Women from all walks of life, whether African American, Latina, Asian or any other ethnicity, have their hair challenges. But no matter what your hair type, with a little know-how and the right tools, you can ditch the chemicals for gorgeous styles that reflect your personality and preferences.

Given the growing popularity of natural hairstyles, it stands to reason that you’d be interested in exploring them. Instagram is a good barometer of the popularity of natural hairstyles. With upward of 1,792,400 posts for #naturalhairstyles, it’s easy to see that going natural is trending in a big way, and inspiring an endless array of looks for women with hair of varying thickness and textures.

Shop Smart for the Right Stylers

Conair offers a complete lineup of styling tools designed specifically for normal and medium to thick hair, kinky, curly hair, and coarse hair textures. As a leader in the beauty and personal care industry, Conair is committed to ensuring you have the most advanced technology to explore a wide variety of styles, no matter what type of hair you may have.

Women of diversity with natuiral hairstyles.

The sheer range of possibilities may be a key factor in why natural hairstyles are so popular. Many of these ‘dos may look chemically straightened yet require no texture-transforming treatments. Cornrows, Afros (including the “teeny-weeny” variety), and Bantu Knots are among those African-American hairstyles that lend themselves best to natural textures. And they’re not limited to African-American women: Latina, Asian, and other women with coarse hair textures also favor natural hairstyles that let them flaunt the beauty of their untreated tresses.

Whether you want to maintain the curls you cultivated while letting your hair grow out naturally, chopped away a perm and now have a super-short style, or have never relaxed or permed your locks, it’s important to protect and care for every strand. Knowing the best thermal styling tool with the right technology for your needs will minimize mishaps and maximize the beauty of your natural hair.

Protective Hairstyles

Now that you’ve stopped processing your hair, it’s time to establish a little natural chemistry—the kind you enjoy when you fall in love with a hair dryer, flat iron, or hot comb with the ideal plate/barrel surface, heating coil and temperature settings.

The naked truth about going natural is that you still need to shield your hair from damage. Styles that look amazing and protect your hair from damage are a big deal (over 4,032,350 posts!) Knowing what heat and surface technology support protective hairstyles like twists, braids, and updos that minimize tangling, shedding, and breakage is vital to the health and beauty of your tresses.

A curling wand made for women seeking the natural look.

Find the Best Heat and Surface Technology for Your Hair

  • Ceramic elements generate far-infrared waves that quickly penetrate your hair cuticle, warming each lock inside and out. By providing even, uniform heat, a ceramic surface eliminates “hot spots” which can burn your hair.

  • Tourmaline ceramic surfaces emit naturally occurring negative ions that reduce static and frizz and help give your hair a smooth, shiny texture.

  • Titanium works well on thick, hard-to-straighten (or curl) hair. Titanium plates and barrels heat up quickly and retain their temperature evenly across their surface to prevent damaging hot spots.

  • Variable heat settings give you the greatest flexibility to find the ideal level of heat for your hair and change your look with the greatest ease.

Warm Up to Heat

Start with a lower temperature and work your way up as needed. Taking the time to find the right temperature will ensure you get the look you want.

As is typically the case with hairstyles for black women, Latinas, and other women with coarse hair textures, you may need to experiment to find the optimal temperature that effectively styles your hair. Your goal is to create style while protecting your hair from too much contact with heat, so working your way up from low settings on your hair dryer and styling iron makes sense. Need more than two passes to achieve results? Just raise the temperature by small increments until you find the sweet spot.

If you find you keep ramping up the heat without getting the results you want, you may be entering a danger zone and trying to force a style that doesn’t work with your natural hair.

So What Styling Tool Should You Choose?

Hairstyling tools for natural hairstyles.

  • For Stretching:An ionic hair dryer can be a great tool for gently elongating coils and curls. Equipped with 3 heat and 2 speed settings for custom styling, and ionic technology for frizz reduction, the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gold 1875 Watt Styling Tool (A) is perfect for stretching a wide variety of hair textures.
  • For Styling Versatility: Want options? Check out the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gold 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Styler (B). It features three attachments, Bristle Styling Brush, Dual-Row Straightening Comb and Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb, for extra styling choices. The advanced technology protects from heat, adds shine and decreases frizz.

  • For Straightening: Straightening  coiled or curly hair without chemicals doesn’t have to be a hassle. Try the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gold 1-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (C), which features slim, floating plates that eliminate gaps and get close to the roots to straighten hair.  Hot combs are also popular straightening tools for coarse hair. Designed with a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage, and gold plates for long-lasting, polished results, as well as a variable heat setting, the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gold Gold-Plated Straightening Comb (D) is a hot seller.

  • For Curling: A curling wand with a ceramic tourmaline barrel can do wonders. With 30 heat settings and an ultra-high heat of 455°F, the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Gold 1¼ Inch to ¾ Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand (E) provides custom styling for all hair textures. The uniform heat recovery feature keeps the heat stable when you need it, while the clipless design makes this wand especially easy to use.

Whatever your styling needs and preferences, you should use tools and technology custom designed to help maximize your hair’s beauty and minimize damage.  

Keep in mind the sheer diversity of hair textures, and where your hair fits in the mix. Explore our full range of styling tools designed specifically for coarse and natural hair textures to find the right one for you. When it comes to hair of varying thickness, coarseness and texture, Conair is the natural choice.