The Complete Hairstyle – Best Tools and Best Practices

Hairstyling can be a hassle, an annoying inconvenience when you have to do it yourself every day. Alternatively, it can be quite expensive at the salon, depending on how often you go. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! With the right tools and a little coaching, styling your hair can be easy, fast and fun.

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The key to hairstyling success on a consistent basis starts with knowledge. You’ve come to the right place, so spend a little time here and discover a world of choices. Find out how to master your haircare challenges with the best tools for your hair type. Whether your hair is coarse, thick and hard to style or thin, fragile and easy to damage, the proper tools and technique can make all the difference. Let us show you. Read on and start your exploration! Click on the images for details on the Conair hair styling tools you see. 

Choosing the Right Hair Dryer

All hair dryers are not created equal. There are variations in motor types, power (wattage), heat settings, and other features such as ceramic and ionic technology. So many different choices can make finding the best one for your hair a formidable challenge. To help take some of the guesswork out, click on over to The Search for a New Hair Dryer Can Be Baffling. We Can Help! You’ll get easy explanations of the diverse options available in hair dryers and you can take The Perfect Hair Dryer quiz to discover some of the best hair dryer choices available from Conair for your specific hair type and preferences.

Three Conair hairdryers. This image links to the hairdryers page on the Conair website.

If you still think all hair dryers are the same, hear what six ladies, all with different types of hair, have to say about their search for the ideal hair dryer. Check out the article and video Unleash Your Individuality with InfinitiPRO by Conair®. And, depending on your hair type, get some on-target tips with Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair or Best Hair Dryer for Normal and Thick Hair.

A Great Hairbrush is the Key to Styling Success

Sometimes we take them for granted. A hairbrush is a hairbrush, right? Well, not so, according to hairstylists and regular folks in-the-know. Brush shape, bristle type, handle contour, and materials such as metal, plastic, and wood can all have an impact on the performance of a hairbrush. You’ll find brushes specially designed to increase hair volume and others strategically vented to facilitate efficient blow-drying. Some are great at detangling, others fight frizz and reduce static electricity and a few are designed especially for men.

Three hairbrushes. This image links to the hair brushes page on the website.

They come in every color of the rainbow and there’s even a Rainbow Collection that you’ve got to see! To find out which one would work best for your hairstyling needs, take a look at How to Choose the Best Hairbrush for Your Hair Type. And, the importance of keeping our hairbrushes clean and sanitary can also be taken for granted quite easily. For a quick refresher, click on over to How to Clean a Hairbrush in 3 Easy Steps. Once you find the perfect hairbrush that helps make styling easier and is comfortable to hold, you’ll never take it for granted again.

Styling Tools: Curling or Straightening for New Looks

Tired of the same old look? If you’re thinking about changing things up a bit from time to time, other than changing the color of your hair or adding highlights, some easy tricks with a curling iron or hair straightener are a great way to go. If you have curly or wavy hair, a straight style is easy to achieve and you might enjoy what you see. Similarly, for those with straight locks, a curly style or beachy waves might take you by surprise, a pleasant one!

There are many different kinds of styling tools for curling, straightening and even a few for some special effects such as crimping and waving. In addition to the curling iron and straightener, there are curling wands, hot brushes, hot air brushes, hot rollers, auto-curlers such as the Curl Secret®, combo stylers that “do it all,” and more.

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Here’s an across-the-board overview of styling tools for your particular hair type. If you have thick, hard-to-style hair or you’re thinking about letting your hair grow out naturally and dealing with the challenges that come with natural hairstyling, check out Styling Tools and Tips for Thick Hair and Natural Hairstyles. You’ll discover the temperatures and technologies that might work best for you, and you’ll find some good suggestions for the right tools to help make hairstyling easier. For some additional technical information, you can also tap into Styling Tool Tech for Normal to Thick Hair. For those with thinner, more delicate hair Best Styling Tools and Tips for Fine Hair can give you some helpful guidance on choosing gentle styling tools that help prevent heat damage and excessive drying.

The Curling Wand Alternative

There is one styling tool that some prefer. It’s the curling wand. A close cousin to the curling iron, the wand does not have a clamp to hold hair in place. Clamps can sometimes leave a dent or crease in your hair after it’s unwrapped from the iron. With a wand, creases are not an issue. Also, the result you get with a wand, both the straight barrel and the tapered type, is a little different from the curling iron. To find out if a curling wand is for you, click over to Make Hairstyle Magic with a Curling Wand.

Auto Curling with the Curl Secret®

One unique twist in the world of styling tools is the Curl Secret® by Conair. It makes curling your hair easy and quick by automatically winding hair sections into a heated chamber for a set time period creating a perfectly formed curl.

The Curl Secret automatic hair curling device. The image links to the Curl Secret website page.

The Curl Secret® features a safety sensor for tangle-free curling and an auto-off timer for added security. If you’ve never seen it, check it out!

Hot Rollers: Easy Curls and Waves with Big Volume

With all the innovative, high-tech styling tools out there, such as irons, wands and hot brushes, you might be wondering where hot rollers fit into the picture. If big volume is high on your wish list, then hot rollers might be your answer. Today, rollers have come a long way with the addition of heat, steam, surface technologies, and easier-to-use clamps and clips that make hairstyling with rollers simple and fast. And, don’t overlook the time advantage that hot rollers can give you. With irons and wands, your hands are constantly busy wrapping, holding, waiting and releasing hair sections one at a time. With hot rollers, you roll up all your sections and while the heat is busy making your curls and waves, you can use your hands for others things like doing your makeup or preparing your clothes. Then, just take the rollers out, brush to style and go.

Three Conair hot roller sets. The image links to the hot roller website page.

Hot roller sets come in a variety of styles and configurations. Some feature rollers in all three sizes­—small, medium and large to create curls of various sizes. There are sets that have jumbo and super-jumbo rollers as big as 2 inches for creating flowing waves. Some sets are portable and compact perfect for travel, while others have special features such as heated clips and ceramic flocked rollers. You can read all about hot rollers in Hot and Steamy: Our Forever Love Affair with Hair Rollers and get some easy instructions in How to Use Hot Rollers for Long-Lasting Curls and Volume.

InfinitiPRO by Conair® has taken hot roller technology a step further with the addition of steam. The infusion of warm moisture into the curling process is especially beneficial for dry hair. Learn more about steam rolling in How to Use InfinitiPRO by Conair Gentle Curls Steam Rollers.

The Bun Is Here to Stay

One hairstyle that never seems to go out of style is the modest and unassuming bun. That might be because of its practical and purposeful characteristics. The bun gets your hair out of the way for things like playing sports such as tennis or golf. Buns hold your hair in check any place where the wind can toss your locks around aimlessly. Buns can also make an elegant style statement for a formal affair such as a wedding or evening cocktail gathering. They let the beauty of your face and neck take center stage. Plus, they’re quick and easy to do when you’re in a rush or you just don’t feel like dealing with your hair.

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Speaking of quick and easy, Conair has taken the process of bun making to new heights with a styling tool called the Bun-2-Done. It’s a hot roller type of device that lets you form a bun with less fumbling and bumbling. Click over to our dedicated Bun-2-Done page for the inside story complete with videos that show it in action. Plus, see how buns are on trend and how they never go out of style in From Ballet Buns to Space Buns, the Conair Bun-2-Done Brings Hairstyle History Into the Future! And, check out How to Use Conair Bun-2-Done Styling Wands to see how easy it is step by step.

Going Straight for All Hair Types

When it comes to straightening your naturally curly hair, there are a few options to consider. And, once again, your hair type could be the determining factor. The flat iron is a high temperature styler that is most effective for thick, hard-to-style hair. For thinner, more delicate hair, a little caution is advised to avoid excessive drying and heat damage. Flat irons come with a variety of features including heat settings that help you avoid hot spots and harm to your healthy hair.

The Conair Hot Air Spin Brush, a flat iron and a paddle style hot brush

A gentler option for straightening your hair is the hot brush. The bristles gently extend and stretch curly locks while a heated plate relaxes the bonds that keep hair in a curled state. For those who prefer to style hair while it’s still damp after shampooing, the hot air brush combines the straightening effects of heat with a stream of air to gently remove moisture. If you’re wondering which straightening tool would be best for you, browse through the article Flat Iron, Hot Brush or Hot Air Brush? Making the Right Choice.

InfinitiPRO by Conair® makes an advanced hot air brush called the Spin Air Brush. As the name suggests, this brush features a rotating bristle barrel that you can turn on or off. The spinning motion adds volume and shine to your hair as you style. For a some simple step-by-step instructions, check out In Search of the Best Hair-Dryer Brush.

Being the Best You Can Be: Some Help Along the Way

To help you untangle the web of terms and technologies you will encounter in the world of hairstyling and beauty, the Beauty Technology Guide is a glossary of definitions you can refer to as you explore your best options for styling tools and personal care. Thanks for joining us on the journey and for letting be your guide.