The New Styling Secret for Full and Defined, Natural Curls and Waves

Four beautifull women with various types of curly and wavy hair.

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One of the biggest problems in holding onto your natural curls begins in the drying process. You love your natural curls, but blow-drying can turn your curls into an uneven combination of waves and straight sections on different parts of your head. Air-drying can leave your curls lying flat with lots of frizz when you try to brush them into shape. So, what do you do? The solution is to use a diffuser with your blow-dryer, but not just any diffuser. And, that’s what this story is all about. Read on to find out how Conair has taken diffuser technology to new heights. It’s an innovation that will change hairstyling for girls who love their curls.

What Is a Diffuser?

A diffuser is an attachment for your hair dryer that disperses the flow of air as it exits the dryer. It softens the air blast, which tends to disturb the curl pattern by blowing the curls out and causing frizz. There are several different types of diffusers—older designs mostly, such as sock and mesh diffusers, soften the blow by passing the air through fabric or a wire screen. There is also a diffuser that is shaped like a hand. The air flows through holes in the fingers, which are used to lift the hair as you dry. The more popular type is the cup diffuser, which spreads the airflow over a wider surface area with holes for the air to pass through. Some cup diffusers have tines, prongs or fingers to lift the hair to more evenly disperse the airflow and add volume. The truth is that none of these diffusers really does the job. That’s what got the engineers at Conair to thinking. How to design a diffuser that lets you dry curly hair without disturbing the natural curl patterns with a blast of air?

Sock or Mitt Diffuser, Hand Diffuser, Cup Diffuser
Sock Diffuser - Hand Diffuser - Cup Diffuser

Something New in Diffuser Technology

Conair’s new, advanced diffuser is being introduced along with its latest hair dryer, the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Texture Styling System. The diffuser is a cup style with some groundbreaking innovations. It has a deep, extra-large bowl with a unique venting system that doesn’t disperse the airflow; air circulates within the bowl, flowing in all directions. The airflow swirls in a gentle vortex that envelops the hair, leaving natural curls undisturbed. It’s designed to bring out your natural curls and waves, and keep frizz to a minimum.

Advanced hair dryer diffuser air flow pattern.
The 600 Diffuser gently dries hair, leaving curls and waves undisturbed.

Those who have tried it, love it! Many claim that it’s unlike any other diffuser they’ve used before. It is a true innovation in styling technology for women with curly hair. And it works great for all types of hair, from fine to thick and blonde to black.

The New Conair® 600 Hair Dryer with Advanced Diffuser Technology

Conair is at the worldwide forefront of hairstyling technology, and the new 600 Hair Dryer is a masterpiece of engineering and design. You can now have salon-quality performance at home with a price point that will surprise you! The 600 features ionic technology that keeps frizz to a minimum. The salon performance comes courtesy of 1875 watts of drying power and a professional AC motor.  The removable rear filter helps extend the life of the dryer by making it easy for you to keep it clean and lint free. Ceramic components in the outlet grille help produce even heat distribution to reduce hot spots and minimize the possibility of damage or overdrying. Plus, it has multiple heat and speed settings, and a long cord for more hairstyling freedom. It’s an ideal and affordable hair dryer for all types of hair.

Conair 600 Hair Dryer, Advanced Diffuser and Concentrator
The Conair® 600 Hair Dryer with Advanced Diffuser and Concentrator

The InfinitiPRO by Conair® Texture Styling System comes in two versions, the 600 and the 600UT. The 600 can be found at major retailers, such as Amazon and at CVS stores. The 600UT is an exclusive model offered by ULTA® Beauty that features a velvet touch finish, rose gold accents and an extra-long 7 ft. cord.

Coupled with the advanced diffuser, the 600 or the 600UT can be the solution that girls who love curls and waves have been waiting for. And, for those who prefer the straight look, this Texture Styling System also comes with a concentrator attachment to direct and increase airflow pressure to straighten hair with ease. Take a closer look at the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Texture Styling System and get all the details on the Conair® website.

How to Use a Diffuser

Using a diffuser with your hair dryer is easy and there are some nice benefits. Our diffuser circulates the heat as you dry, reducing the chance of heat damage and overdrying. And, as we mentioned, if you want to preserve the natural texture of your hair, the diffuser’s gentle, circulating airflow will help keep those locks undisturbed as they dry.

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to do it:
  1. After shampoo and conditioner, gently soak up excess water with a soft towel.
  2. If you so desire, apply a styling product, massaging the hair with a gentle, scrunchy motion.
  3. Set your dryer to a low speed and use a low heat setting.
  4. Gently push the diffuser into a section of hair, gradually lift and move the diffuser cup toward the roots, and hold it there for a few seconds, then move to another section. Never stay in one spot too long.
  5. Start on one side of your head and move section by section until your hair is dry.
  6. Now, you can gently brush your hair to position the locks to your liking. Be careful not to brush vigorously. Just use a gentle styling motion with very, very short strokes.
  7. You can also add a touch of styling mousse or hairspray to keep things in place.

What’s Your Curl Pattern

Did you ever catch a glimpse of someone with awesome curls and think to yourself, “I wanna have curls like that! I’m gonna try it!” Well, getting your curls to look like another girl’s amazing, curly style might or might not be easy to accomplish. Your own particular curl pattern can be a limiting factor in achieving a certain look. It helps to know your curl pattern and the boundaries you can expect when styling.

At the most basic level, we can identify three curl patterns: wavy, curly and coily. But, these broad categories can be broken down into more specific types, as you can see in the following chart.

Which curl pattern is the closest match to yours?

Why does it matter? The answer is that what works for one curl pattern might not work for another one. There’s quite a gap between slightly wavy locks and tight, kinky coils. The best advice is to search for tips and reviews that focus on your particular curl pattern. You’ll discover the techniques and products that work best for you, and you’ll find out what kinds of limitations you can expect when attempting to achieve a certain look. But what we can promise is that this diffuser was engineered for all hair types and textures.

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