The Search for a New Hair Dryer Can Be Baffling. We Can Help!

FInd the perfect hair dryer for YOU!

Today, so many of life’s burning questions seem to be answerable through online quizzes and services. Need the perfect mate? There are dating sites for all kinds of people, in the most specific categories you can imagine—foodies, hipsters, Trekkies, cat lovers, equestrians, tall people, Amish, gluten-free folk, even nudists. Love wine? Pop over to a subscription wine service site, answer some questions and you will discover which wines are just right for you. It’s all so easy, especially for people with super-busy lives.

So why should hair dryers be any different? There is a dizzying array of blow dryers on the market today. So many hair dryers. So many options. So much technology. So many price points! What’s a girl to do? Take the guesswork out of which blow dryer is right for you with a new online quiz from Conair.

No longer will you have to navigate through hundreds of choices with a baffling array of technologies and features, while asking yourself, “What is the best hair dryer for curly hair, thick hair, natural hair, frizzy hair or fine hair?”

Aptly titled “Find the Perfect Hair Dryer,” this smart quiz presents a series of questions and recommends the ideal dryer for you, based on your hair type, lifestyle, budget and more. From powerful full-size to fast and fabulous midsize to compacts perfect for travel, gym bags or dorm room, Conair has a great selection of hair dryers equipped with cutting-edge technology. And now they make it easy to choose one!

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But before heading over to check it out, consider this! So much progress has been made since Conair introduced the “yellow bird” blow dryer back in the early ‘70s. Hair dryers have gone from basic to all the bells and whistles, and everything in-between! Let’s decode what you need to know.

What’s Up with the Watts?

A simple rule of thumb—the higher the wattage, the faster your hair will dry, and therefore you’ll need less time standing in front of the mirror. That’s a good thing. 1875 watts is ideal, but if your hair is thinner or fragile, a lower wattage dryer will suffice.

­Do I Need Ionic?

If your hair tends to be frizzy, ionic technology is just right for you. But what exactly does ionic mean, anyway? It’s like this. Dryers emit negative ions. Water has positive ions. So, while you are drying, ions get neutralized and the water on the hair shaft doesn’t get absorbed, cutting down on both frizz and drying time. Add tourmaline, and your dryer is SUPERCHARGED!

A Weighty Issue

A lightweight dryer is easier to use and hold. If weight is a concern for you, take note that dryers with DC motors are pretty light. High torque DC motors are not only lightweight, but give you extra power. Dryers with AC motors are also very powerful, have a longer life, but can be a tad heavier. The cream of the crop is the brushless motor. These dryers are lightweight, powerful and the quietest of them all. If your hair is long and takes a while to dry, the weight of the dryer can be critical because you don’t want your drying arm to wear out! If your hair is shorter, the dryer’s weight is not so much of an issue.

Packing Heat

You want your hair dryer to generate some heat, but you don’t want to damage your hair!  Look for the words ceramic, tourmaline and infrared. These technologies distribute heat evenly and gently, to protect your precious strands from hot spots and heat abuse! Infrared heat has longer energy wavelengths to dry hair from the inside out, for even more protection!

Extra Extra!

Got curls? Then you definitely want a diffuser. Just like it sounds, this handy attachment diffuses the air as it comes out of the dryer, evenly circulating it to keep curls smooth and pretty. Even those with just a light, natural wave will benefit from the use of a diffuser.

We all like a dryer that can turn up the heat, but sometimes you want that heat to go away, at least for a minute or so. Well, there’s a button for that on many dryers. It’s called the cool-shot or cold-shot button, and they are not exactly the same. A cool-shot button lives on a blow dryer with a DC motor. Press it and the temperature cools way down. Compare that to cold-shot button. You’ll find one on dryers with AC or brushless motors. When you press it, the heat cuts off completely. Both types of buttons work essentially the same. They reduce the temperature of the airflow to seal the hair cuticle and set the hair in place for long-lasting hold. A dryer with a cold-shot button might work a little quicker, but the difference is minor. If you set your hair in curlers, a cool or cold shot is a great way to lock in the curls.

How about adjustable settings? The more heat and speed settings a dryer has, the more hair types it will be effective on. High heat is best for thicker, coarser hair, but keep the dryer moving! Lower settings are ideal for thinner, more fragile hair.

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Concentrate on style! A concentrator nozzle will direct and focus airflow exactly where you want it and helps eliminate frizz. Hold the nozzle close to your hair and pull hair tightly with your brush for the best results.

You want to be able to stand or sit comfortably while you are drying and styling, so a cord of sufficient length is worth checking on. A folding handle makes your dryer more compact for storage in a drawer, slipping into a backpack or suitcase for travel. Also, a cord reel can be handy for easier storage and keeping counter clutter to a minimum. One thing you don't want to do—never wrap the cord around the dryer body or handle! It creates tension on the cord where it attaches to the dryer, creating a potential electrical hazard.

Go forth and find your perfect dryer!

Now that you are totally informed on the different options available, visit The Perfect Hair Dryer and never again will you have to wrestle with the “what hair dryer is right for me” question on your own! Conair has the perfect hair dryer for your budget, lifestyle, and hair type.