Interplak® Technology

The  Interplak® dental water jets and power toothbrushes have the technology that makes good oral hygiene simple. That's something we can all smile about!
  • Standard Water Jets Vs. Sonic Technology

    Standard water jets provide a steady spray of water that cleans between teeth and removes plaque. This method of cleaning offers many advantages over traditional oral hygeine methods.

    However, adding sonic technology to the mix expands the performance of the regular dental water jet. Simultaneous sonic vibration and water pulsation offer a unique and complete cleaning experience for the ultimate in oral care.

    Interplak's All-in-One Sonic Water Jet System is the first water jet system with water pulsation and effective sonic brushing action. It gently and effectively cleans and flushes food debris from hard-to-reach places like the areas around orthodonture, bridgework, crowns and implants, while providing beneficial gum massage at the same time. The All-in-One Sonic Water Jet system can be used with pulsation alone, vibration alone, or as a combination of both water pulsation and sonic vibration.

  • Manual Toothbrush Vs. Power Toothbrush

    The rotating osclillation action of the electric, or power, toothbrush has been proven to provide superior plaque removal and reduction in gingivitis. Because most of the cleaning action is performed for you, many people find them easier to use. This can result in improved brushing technique, longer brushing time, and more frequent brushing, important elements in oral health.