Pamper Your Feet

Take good care of one of the hardest working parts of your body!

How well do you treat your feet? Be honest -- have you given them the attention they deserve? With each foot’s 26 bones, 20-plus muscles and over 100 ligaments, it’s no wonder that happy feet can affect your overall well-being.

We certainly put our feet through their paces. High heels, long days at work, miles on the treadmill, pounding the pavement, sports activities, and even a few extra pounds can stress many of the foot’s intricate components. By having a soothing foot-care routine and providing some TLC, you can keep your feet content in their super-supporting role.

A restful foot bath can provide well-earned stress relief; its pampering and rejuvenating properties may be just what you need after a long day. Here are some features that can make it a true, home spa experience.


Most people prefer a warm footbath, but a cool bath can do wonders on a hot day. Different home spa footbaths have different heating methods. Most are designed to maintain the temperature of warm water, not to raise the temperature. For these, you control the initial heat by pouring water into the bath at the temperature you desire (keep the water at 100 to 118 degrees F to avoid burning your skin). Depending on your needs, it may be more efficient to pour warm tap water into the footbath.

Water Massage

Water jets propel water over and/or around your foot. The water pressure provides a massaging effect and can help your muscles relax. A “waterfall” feature gently pours the water over the top of your feet, which for some is more relaxing than extreme water propulsion.

Massaging Rollers

Many footbaths have textured cylinders embedded at the bottom of the tub. You can massage your feet by rolling them over these cylinders as you soak. This pressure on the bottoms of the feet helps promote health throughout your body.


A footbath with a vibration feature is a great way to relax and re-energize your feet. Rest your feet in the water and let the vibrations move the water from the top of your feet to between your toes, making sure you get the full benefit of the warmth and hydration.


The many nerve endings in your feet can feel the bubbles as they percolate through the water. Bubbles can also provide very gentle exfoliation as they circulate across your skin. The sound of bubbling water is also relaxing and soothing, adding to the enjoyment and sensual pleasure of a home spa experience.