Replacing a WW Scale Battery

Your WW Scale by Conair is powered by one of two different types of batteries: lithium coin battery (CR2032) or alkaline batteries (AAA).

  • Weight Watchers Scale Battery - CR2032 CR-2032 – 3 volt lithium battery
  • Weight Watchers Scale Battery - CR2032 AAA – 1.5 volt alkaline dry-cell battery

When it's time to replace your WW scale batteries, the screen on your scale will display the word Lo. To replace the batteries, flip the scale over and look for the battery compartment located on the bottom side. Check the small screw that secures the compartment cover to see if it is a Phillips head or flathead screw. Use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screw by turning it counterclockwise. Remove the compartment cover and take out the old battery/ies. Be sure to dispose of used batteries in an environmentally friendly manner.

Insert the new battery/ies, making sure the plus and minus (+ / -) poles are aligned properly according to the diagram inside the compartment. Replace the compartment cover and tighten the screw by turning it clockwise. Be sure not to over tighten!

Turn the scale back over and test it immediately. If it doesn’t power up, you will have to open the battery compartment again to check that the batteries are facing in the proper direction.

DO NOT attempt to open the scale body or remove any components. Servicing should be done by qualified technicians only. For repair or replacement of the scale, see the warranty information in your Instruction Booklet.

Any Conair scale battery is easy to replace. These instructions can be used with other brands of Conair electronic scales, such as the Thinner® collection of scales by Conair.