Using Your Body Analysis Scale

  • Your scale needs personal information, such as your age, height and gender, to accurately analyze your body composition along with your weight. You can save this data in the scale's memory – the scale will recall it for you each time you use the scale.

    Instructions on how to create your user settings are included with the scale. You can also download the user guide for your scale model from our Instruction Booklet library. Here is a basic demonstration of how our body analysis scales get programmed.
  • Customizing Your Body Analysis Monitor

    Create and Assign a User Profile. To create and assign a user profile, press the Set button on the scale.

  • The display will blink with the ID “P-01.” Press the up or down arrow buttons to choose your user number. Select a profile (P-01 – P-04) and assign it by pressing the Set button again.

  • Set Your Height. Once a profile ID has been established, you will be asked to add your height data. Use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the feet and inches. Press Set to save the information.

  • Enter Your Age. Use the up and down arrow buttons to add your age to the profile. Press Set to save it.

  • Assign Your Gender. Pick the gender icon that you most identify with and press Set.

  • Once your height, age, and gender are set in a user profile, the scale will show you this information briefly each time you use the scale.

  • Body Analysis Measurement

    You'll need to be barefoot in order for the scale to read your body analysis measurements.

    When you stand on the scale, make sure the balls of your feet cover both metal plates. A very low, safe electrical signal* is sent from the plates through your feet and throughout your body. This signal meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. The scale measures this resistance, called impedance, to calculate your body composition.

  • Place the scale so it sits securely on a hard, level floor. Uneven or soft flooring, such as carpet, will produce incorrect and inconsistent readings.

  • Tap the scale to turn it on. Wait until 0.0 is displayed.

  • Recall your user ID by pressing the User button until you see your user number displayed.

  • The stored data is displayed sequentially on the display panel. Your scale is ready to use when 0.0 appears. If you step on the scale before it displays 0.0, the scale may show you an error message. If that happens, simply step off, let the scale turn off, and then tap it on again.

  • When 0.0 appears, step on the scale barefoot with your feet aligned on the electrodes (metal strips).

  • Each measurement for your body composition will be displayed.

    • LB = Pounds
    • BF = Body Fat
    • Water = Body Water
    • Bone = Bone Mass
    • BMI = Body Mass Index

    The scale will turn off automatically after you have stepped off the platform.

    * WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE A PACEMAKER OR OTHER INTERNAL MEDICAL DEVICE. Please consult your physician with any medical questions or concerns you might have prior to using this product.