Water Jet Tips

Each Water Jet tip has a special purpose to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Brush Head Tip:

    Loosens debris and larger food particles before flushing them away – ideal for all dental work, including fixed and removable appliances.
  • Jet Tip:

    Removes trapped particles from between teeth.
  • Tongue Cleaner:

    Place the tongue cleaner at farthest end of tongue and move forward. Repeat to cover entire tongue.
  • Gum Massage Tip:

    Use the massage tip with the sonic vibration function to gently massage and stimulate gums. Press the massaging nodes gently against the gum and follow the recommended technique.The tip can be used with or without water stream.
  • Subgingival Tip:

    Designed for close-in comfort, the rubber tip delivers a concentrated jet stream of water that reaches deep into periodontal pockets.