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Model number
How to Locate Your Model Number
The model number is a set of letters and digits printed on the data plate of each product. You can find the data plate, which also contains UL listing information and electrical specifications, on the bottom or back of your unit, where the printing or embossing is protected from wear and tear.
Serial number
How to find your date code/serial number
The date code/serial number is a set of letters and digits printed on each product. You can find the date code/serial number for corded items listed on the plug itself. For battery operated items, remove the battery cover and the number should be printed inside. For items containing lithium ion batteries, the date code/serial number will be listed on the item itself. It could be printed where the UL listing information and electrical specifications are if space allows. If not, look in other areas that where it would out of the way, such as the inside plate on a flat iron.

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