rechargeable electric toothbrush

Innovative Toothbrush to Shine Brighter.

As simple to use as a regular toothbrush, Interplak by Conair® Oscill8™ makes oral hygiene easy and enjoyable. Extremely soft, rounded bristles gently massage gums while oscillating tufts reach between and over teeth to deep-clean even the most hard-to-reach places. As the shorter tufts polish teeth, they smooth the surface to remove plaque and keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright.

All this, plus you can get replacement heads delivered right to your door!

Show Your Teeth Some Love.

It’s all here—everything you need to thoroughly and gently clean and polish your teeth, plus treat your gums to a rejuvenating massage. Get ready for the revolutionary rechargeable toothbrush that takes dental hygiene to another level with powerful oscillating bristles for a gorgeous smile and better overall oral hygiene. Clean teeth. Healthy gums. Happy you. Welcome to OSCILL8™.

  • feature

    Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis, help prevent gum disease, and clean teeth so that they're nearly plaque free.

  • feature

    Sleek comfort-grip design for easy handling.

  • feature

    Convenient brush stand holds and charges your brush so it’s always ready to roll.

  • feature

    Replaceable brush heads switch out with a simple twist and pull. Recommended: Replace ‘em every 2 to 3 months. Use our subscription service to avoid searching for more in stores!

toothbrush oscillating tufts

Experience a Revolutionary Clean with 8 Individually Oscillating Tufts of Bristles

The only toothbrush of its kind, OSCILL8™ features an innovative brush head with 270˚ tuft rotation to put the power of a complete clean in the palm of your hand.
8 tufts of tapered bristles oscillate at 2,300 cycles per minute to eliminate plaque from even the tightest places.

Did we mention clinically proven? Your daily dental hygiene is about to get real.

OSCILL8™ Comes to You Courtesy of Conair®,
The Trusted Name in Personal Care Essentials
for Over 60 Years

As part of our ongoing legacy of innovation, Interplak by Conair® is proud to introduce OSCILL8™ as yet another breakthrough in our ever-growing portfolio of products that enhance the lives of people around the world.