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No cords. No limits. Just Beautiful.

  • Silver and gold tube bottles Break free from boring with a new line of cordless styling tools that make you look and feel amazing. You don’t have to plug them in, so you can enjoy beauty in motion.
  • Silver iphone 6 beside pink lipstick Anytime, Anywhere Use them in your bathroom. Your bedroom. Your BFF's bedroom. In the car. At the job. The gym. Indoors or out.

They go wherever you go. And you go — WOW!


Sometimes boundaries make sense. But not when you’re styling your hair. That’s when you want to be unbound. No cords. No restrictions. No inhibitions. Sky's the limit with these high-performance styling tools that make you look and feel your best. Or you will, as soon as you try them!

UNBOUND™ Auto Curler


Get Unbound® and discover the difference beauty in motion can make in your life.