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Facial Massaging Beauty Roller


Go for the glow with the Facial Massaging Beauty Roller!

 Facial Massaging Beauty Roller
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  • Detail of  Facial Massaging Beauty Roller
  • Battery-Operated Facial Massaging Beauty Roller: This beauty massager has gentle massaging beads that rotate in 360° motion and stimulate delicate facial skin, gently renewing, reviving, and energizing skin for a healthy-looking glow.
  • Easy to Use: Turn the massager on and place it on the skin at the center line of your face. Roll it away from the center, massaging each section of the face for 3-5 minutes.
  • 360° Rotating Massaging Stones: Rows of stainless steel massage stones are embedded beneath the roller’s multi-paneled surface and rotate in a small circular motion, gently invigorating the skin’s surface and giving it a youthful glow.
  • Top Gemstone for Trigger Point Therapy: Target high-tension areas with a gentle massage using the rose quartz stone mounted on the tip of the roller.
  • Skin Treatment Applicator: Improve your skincare routine by using the Facial Massaging Beauty Roller to evenly smooth serums and moisturizers onto the skin for optimal absorption.
  • Dual-Headed Roller: Treat your face to two kinds of massage. Use the multi-surfaced roller for a facial massage with stones that rotate, eliminating puffiness as they brighten and rejuvenate skin, or target tension points with the rose quartz tip for stress-relieving trigger point therapy.

Treat yourself to a daily face massage that revives and brightens the delicate skin on your face with the stimulating touch of the Facial Massaging Beauty Roller. This battery-operated face massager is uniquely designed with a comfortable firm-grip handle and a multi-paneled roller. The panels are studded with soft stainless steel beads that move in 360° micro-rotations and uplift tired skin. Each massage treats delicate facial tissue to a tender touch that increases blood flow and creates a glow that shows in your refreshed appearance and tone.

As we age, our skin gradually loses elasticity and begins to dull, sag, and wrinkle. This massaging facial roller makes it easy to combat these effects by proactively maintaining a fresh, healthy and more youthful-looking complexion without having to resort to extreme, invasive, or costly interventions. For a simple and natural solution that temporarily gives skin a younger appearance, simply roll the massager from the center line of the face outward for 3-5 minutes. With daily use, your skin will look brighter and feel rejuvenated.

The distinctive panels of the roller glide across the contours of your face with a delicate touch—de-puffing, soothing, and working product into the skin with the aid of the rotating stainless steel massaging stones. The small, circular motion lightly massages the surface of the skin, promoting the same anti-aging techniques you receive during a spa facial and improving the look of the skin with a renewed appearance that is brighter and more supple. Use the roller to massage serums and lotions on your face, neck, and chest for full coverage that absorbs into skin more evenly. 

To target your most tense trigger points, try a focused massage using the top gemstone, a rose quartz stone mounted at the tip of the roller. Gently working the stone over knots gives you a relaxing manual massage that releases pockets of stored-up stress.

Keep face care simple by taking quick beauty breaks to roll your face or extend self-care time to include a multistep routine. However you define your facial care, the roller is definitely a must-have part of the treatment.

Compact for convenient storage or travel, the massaging roller is easy to clean and safe and effective for all skin types. And when used daily it’s the easiest, most effective, and natural way to reveal your true youthful glow.

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